Mikano Motors(Geely Nigeria) Partners with Durojaiye Foundation On The Importance Of Road Safety

Road Safety Awareness

A Road Safety Awareness Initiative has been launched by Mikano Motors, a division of Mikano International Limited, in collaboration with the Durojaiye Relief Foundation (DRF), with the goal of educating drivers and pedestrians about appropriate road safety precautions for a safer journey on Lagos roads.

Staff from Mikano Motors and representatives from the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) were present at the recently held event.

The DRF Executive Committee and the Mayor Commandant of LASTMA paid a courtesy visit to the headquarters of Mikano International Motor Division to discuss the campaign’s planned activities.

 Following the briefing, a two-day roadshow was commenced to raise awareness of the values of adhering to fundamental traffic laws among members of the NURTW Lagos Chapter and other road users. The safety education course focused on using seatbelts, avoiding distractions, texting while driving, and operating a vehicle while intoxicated, among other essential road safety best practices.

LASTMA Commandant with Mikano International staff, Chairman, Durojaiye Relief Foundation and members of Mikano International Motors Division Marketing team during the Road Safety Awareness

Along with sensitization, emphasis was placed on the value of appropriate maintenance as the key strategy for keeping vehicles in top condition and guaranteeing the safe transportation of passengers around the state. As an added bonus, some drivers received a free oil change.

Speaking at the occasion, Karima Okunola, marketing manager for Mikano Motors, stated, “Mikano International has long supported road safety efforts with some of our staff members working faithfully as traffic mayors.” With the launch of our motors section, we are looking for chances to collaborate even more closely with the necessary organizations to improve the safety of our roadways.

 We are well aware that keeping our roads safe will prevent so much carnage, she continued. Everybody has a role to play in promoting road safety. We are eager to contribute to the improvement of road safety. It falls under the umbrella of our corporate social responsibility.

 Speaking in addition, Akanni Kazeem, the chairman of the Durojaiye Foundation, said, “We are glad to have Mikano International’s support for this road safety campaign and look forward to a future successful partnership.”

The Durojaiye Relief Foundation is well known for its many charitable endeavours that have positively impacted the lives of many Nigerians through their community outreach programs, skill development projects, and youth empowerment programs.

 Mikano Motors Division, Nigeria’s fastest-growing automotive brand and home of Geely Maxus and ZNA autos, fully supported the campaign. Showcasing a premium section of their flagship vehicles.

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